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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is underinsurance?


Underinsurance is when the insured did not insure his property sufficiently. This is especially important and will affect the outcome of your claim.




Sum Insured of factory:                       RM1,000,000

Actual sum for reinstatement:            RM1,500,000

Loss during fire:                                   RM   500,000


Claim payable = RM1million/RM1.5 million x loss amount

                        = RM333,333.33 (not RM500,000)


Many people do not understand that if the loss amount is less than the insured amount (although not fully insured) they will not receive the full claim amount. This is due to the principle of “average” in insurance. Your claim amount will be proportionately reduced by the amount of underinsurance.


There are many instances where this can happen so please contact us to review your current policies.



2. What to do after a claim?


In the event of a claim, remain calm. Most importantly, call your agent first and get advisory first. Thereafter, it is your immediate responsibility to make a police report. The claims procedure is pretty much standard and we can advise you accordingly.



3. What are loss adjusters?


Loss adjusters are adjusters appointed by the Insurer after a claim to investigate the circumstances of the claim and to do loss adjusting. We work with our clients to assist the loss adjusters in claims administration and to make the process as short as possible.


Insurers generally do not like to hold back claims and it is in their interest not to. As such, it is our duty to provide all the documentation necessary for them to process the claim. Delays are usually brought about by missing documents such as invoices etc. at not fault to the Insurer.


Under given circumstances, there is generally no need to fear the claims process or loss adjusters all together. This is so because if you have a good insurance portfolio with excellent coverage, there will normally not be any hassles.


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